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Ideas for a Beautiful Shower

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in general, a sense of balance, plenty of light, design elements like contrasting lines and different tile patterns, and well-chosen accessories all contribute to beautiful shower spaces.

Here are some inspiring, beautiful shower designs from that demonstrate the amazing possibilities of this underutilized space. What's your favorite? I think mine is the Glass Ceiling Shower.

Seamless Shower

Seamless Shower - This large seamless shower in neutral colors, by Sisters In Sync Design, via Houzz, is a wonderful example of how you can integrate your shower space with the rest of the bathroom. The ceramic floor and wall tile extending outside of the shower area, along with the curbless design and frameless glass enclosure, combine to present a seamless look. The bleached wood bench adds a touch of beachside comfort.

Steel-Framed Shower

Steel-Framed Shower Enclosure - If you want to bring attention to your shower space, these industrial-style steel-framed glass walls are just perfect. This trend is definitely making waves and this custom design by Smith Hanes shows you how this might look in a classic bathroom with subway tile. The industrial look is perfect for a loft/warehouse style decor.

John Maniscalco Architecture
Wet Room with Large Windows

Wet Room With Large Windows - If you have enough space, you can take advantage of natural light by creating a wet room shower featuring large windows that are frosted for privacy while bathing the area in natural light. Note the rain shower head and the plant and built-in bench within the wet area. The curbless shower design and frameless glass door allow the shower to blend in with the rest of the room.

Space Capsule Shower

Space Capsule Shower - If your tastes are more futuristic, then maybe this original shower design will inspire you. Note how the space is defined not only by the curved walls but also by the smaller cut of the mosaic tile along the plumbing wall within the wet area. The multicolored, iridescent tile makes you feel like an astronaut!

This shower by LAIR Architectural, via Houzz, is definitely among the most original and memorable designs you'll find.

Larry E Boerder Design
Cathedral Window Shower

Cathedral Window Shower - A variation on the steel-framed enclosure shown earlier, this shower design will appeal to architecture fans. The frame recalls cathedral-style stained-glass windows, and the surrounding decor choice highlights the traditional tastes of the owner.

This shower design by Larry E. Boerder shows you that today's shower designs can have a timeless appeal.

Spivey Architects
Large Wet Room Shower

Large Wet Room Shower - Want a large shower space as well as a bathtub? Consider a wet room-style design such as this one, where the tub is installed in the showering area. This way, two people can comfortably bathe and shower at the same time.

This design by Spivey Architects, via Houzz, shows you the possibilities of combining both a shower and a tub without sacrificing space.

The Pleated Poppy
Modern Farmhouse Shower

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom with Double Shower - The white and blue color scheme, beadboard paneling, and subway tile are hallmarks of farmhouse style, and here a modern touch is added with the large glass shower enclosure and double shower heads.

This bathroom by The Pleated Poppy is fairly small, but the beadboard half wall topped with glass makes both shower and bathroom space feel larger.

Dovetail Construction
Corner Tile Shower

Corner Tile Shower With Angled Glass Walls - If you're worried about getting just another boring shower design, consider using a visually stunning tile, as in this example from Dovetail Construction, via Houzz. The hexagonal design of the tile serves as an eye magnet and dominates the bathroom. To balance it out, the designer kept other possible patterns more muted, and the colors neutral.

The angled design and glass walls of the shower make for a very efficient use of space.

Franke Architekten
Modern Hyperspace Shower

Modern Hyperspace Shower - Tile is such a versatile decor product, especially when you think outside the box. This shower design by Franke Architekten adds tons of depth and movement to this small shower space. It feels like you're showering in a spaceship!

Carrington Hill Design
Deep Blue Tile Shower

Deep Blue Tile Shower - This is not your ordinary tile. This deep blue shower by Carrington Hill Design, via Houzz, features a color that isn't that common in bathrooms. But the choice works well if you like the nostalgic high school locker room feel. Here, a skylight prevents the space from feeling too claustrophobic; the same effect could be achieved with a large panel light fixture.

Anik Pearson Architect
Green Subway Tile Shower

Green Subway Tile Shower - Here's a more muted version using green subway tiles. Featuring marble accents and a rain shower head, this shower design by Anik Pearson Architect has a mid-century modern vibe to it, with a touch of ultramodern offered by the shower fixture.

Artistic Shower

Artistic Shower - A shower as a work of art Why not? This shower design, found on Freshome, displays a colorful stone feature as its back wall. Who needs art when nature provides such beautiful designs? Notice, also, the indirect accent lighting under the bench and inside the wall alcove—a truly artistic touch. All elements here are chosen for their visual appeal.

Glass Ceiling Shower

Glass Ceiling Shower - No, this isn't a cleverly placed photo wallpaper. It's an actual glass wall and ceiling surrounding the shower. The large tree provides privacy, but you still get the feel of showering under the sky (or the stars).

Thinking of renovating your bathroom? Contact us! Rave design+build offers complementary consultations. We can be reached at (804) 824-2368 or We look forward to speaking with you!


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