Seven Fall Winter 2020 Décor Trends

Decorate with fall leaves Fall leaves, with their bright colors, are an infinite resource for decorating your home. Filling a large minimal vase with some branches of fall leaves is the easiest way to add a warm natural touch at home, but you can also explore more creative solutions like garlands and centerpieces. Colors can range from neutral yellows and browns, to bright oranges and even reds. Add a touch of warm caramel and cinnamon When talking about fall winter décor, thinking about warm color hues comes naturally to our minds. Despite being the trendiest colors in this period for the home décor, in fact, colors like cinnamon, caramel, terracotta, immediately add a warmer touch in any i

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VIMS After Hours: Ospreys 2020 – The Revival of a Global Raptor September 24 The past 50 years have seen an extraordinary resurgence in Osprey numbers globally — from the Chesapeake to Scotland and from Finland to Australia. This good-news story has been triggered not just by cleaner waters and less contaminated fish, but also by greening cultures — dedicated groups of people who have built and protected nest sites for Ospreys and have brought the species back to regions where it has been missing for decades. Alan Poole, author of a recently published book on the species (Ospreys: the Revival of a Global Raptor; Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2019), will lead us through this story with dazzling

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