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To Blog or Not to Blog? It's No Longer "The Question"

"Everyone is doing it!"So they say.

I mean blogging has been around for at least a million years already.



Everyone has something they wish to share with the masses. Don't they?

Yes, we are slow to jump on the bandwagon. Appropriately so since we pride ourselves on marching to the beat of our own drum(s). However, in a world where everyone and his brother, uncle, sister, neighbor and cousin is a contractor or designer, shouldn't we be setting ourselves apart?

We should - we SO should!

But not in terms of being "disconnected".

So what exactly do we hope to achieve by permanently etching our words into history? I've read a bazillion blogs (ok, maybe more like 3 or 4), written by highly esteemed marketing professionals who all say this...


Well, since we are in the business of always having well crafted plans...we're throwing caution to the wind with a plan to be UNSCRIPTED. Ooh - ah; such daredevils we are!

All joking aside, there will be times when this blog will serve as a place to simply share expert advice. Surely after being in business for 13 years paired with 30 years of hands-on construction experience and 16 years of design experience, we just might know a thing or two - about a thing or two. And there just might be a reader or two - who walk away having learned something.

Other times we may simply serve as a daily dose of entertainment for you. Let's be honest here. With the trials, tribulations and rewards (yes, far more rewards) of being a husband and wife owned business - there is a copious amount of material to pull from. So - without further ado,


Grab your beverage of choice and hold on to your hard hats this could get interesting. If there is a topic you would like to see covered, shoot us an email. We welcome your ideas!

Ray, this is your fair warning, I am armed with a keyboard and potentially endless audience. Muah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh.

Yours truly and creativity obsessed,










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