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15 Best Kitchen Design Trends Worth Trying in 2020

Written by Deirdre Sullivan

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Whether the current layout in your cooking space needs a complete remodel or a perky, new color scheme, listen up. The latest kitchen design trends are all about personalization using a combination of features in a broad range of textures, patterns, and colors think natural timber, striking tile, and soothing hues. The gist is to improve your cooking space with touches that make your heart sing. To make your kitchen feel so you, our favorite trends for 2020 share how to infuse your space with decorative personality.

1. Brighten Things Up With Natural, Ambient, and Task Lighting

Lighting is setting the tone for kitchens in 2020. In this cooking space by Charbonneau Interiors, a combination of natural, ambient, and task lighting all make this place ideal for both cooking and entertaining both day and night. Note the smart use of LED light in the upper cabinets on the far right. It throws focus on the cabinetry while adding a dramatic lighting effect. Here is a handy tip, battery operated LED lighting is easy to install anywhere in a home.

2. Butler's Pantries are Becoming a Must-Have Feature in Large Spaces