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DumaWall Interlocking, Waterproof Wall Tiles

While this company (Acoustic Ceiling Products) began in 1988 and the tiles have been available in Belgium since 2103, DumaWalls just came available in the United States last year (2018).

DumaWall Panels are perfect for bathrooms, showers, laundry rooms, kitchens, basements and accent walls. They are waterproof PVC wall panels.

Benefits of Waterproof Wall Panels

Easy and fast to install PVC panels are user friendly. They can easily be cut to size and, compared to tiles, take about half the time to install because they dont require grout. They’re perfect for the DIYer and alleviate the hassle of hiring a contractor.

Budget-friendly PVC panels are cheaper than traditional tile installations which require added materials like grout and special tools. PVC panels are easy to install so there’s no need to hire an expensive contractor.

Resistant to Water, Mold & Mildew PVC panels are perfect for wet areas in rooms like baths, kitchens and basements because they’re water repellent and resist mold and mildew.

Versatility You don’t have to forgo functionality for a fashionable look. PVC panels look beautiful in any environment while offering a host of benefits including repelling water and mildew-resistance. They’re easy to install and maintain and beautiful to behold.

Minimal maintenance PVC panels are easy to keep clean. Their smooth surface resists dirt and they wipe clean with a cloth so no harsh cleaning chemicals are needed.

Recyclable PVC is 100% recyclable and can be taken to any plastic recycling facility.

This installs in half the time of a grouted wall.

High-tech, Engineered Composition

1. Protective Top Layer

2. Realistically Printed Multicolored Film

3. Intermediate High-Quality Stability Layer

4. Rigid Core Board Technology

We'd love to hear from you if you've used this product. Feel free to comment and review!


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