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Deck Railing Ideas

From ELLE Décor, an outdated or run-down railing can put a damper on your entire look, but a few modern updates can easily amp it up. There's no hard and fast rule to renovating your deck, and getting creative with the design is where all the fun happens. Here are some creative ideas to consider if you're renovating or building a new deck:

Starting from the top left and moving to the right:

Topless Crossed Rope - This classic deck rail was built without a top board, creating a charming farmhouse vibe with a modern twist.

Thin Rope - A Scandinavian-style deck railing is elevated with criss-cross rope details, which are attached to traditional boating anchors.

Sunburst Design - Architectural detail from the sunburst-style railing adds a subtle twist to a traditional deck.

Tabletop and Planter - Make the most of your deck railing by installing a tabletop and hanging planter, like this modern wood-and-rope version.

Simple Rope - A cottage-style pale wood railing is accented with a simple rope fence.

Sawn Balusters - A detailed, Victorian-inspired deck railing instantly adds charm to an outdoor space.

Rustic Hog Wire - A contemporary lake house is elevated with a warm and rustic deck railing, complete with black hog wire.

Unfinished Wood - Pale, unfinished wood extends from the base of this deck up to the storage-seating and rails, creating a cohesive and natural look.

Planter Topped - Top your existing railing with flower boxes to add a verdant touch that unites your deck with the surrounding landscape.

Pillar Lighting - Metal railings are grounded by illuminated wooden pillars, creating a warm glow on this cozy deck space.

Pale Blue Top - A classic deck railing is given a colorful kick with a pale blue paint job.