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5 Big Home Décor Trends Designers Love Right Now predicts these trends for Fall 2019.

For several years now, mid-century modern (MCM) style has reigned supreme. From West Elm's contemporary takes on classic MCM furniture, to the Eames chairs filling our Pinterest boards, and the rise of the Mad Men-inspired bar cart, it's almost impossible to avoid the MCM aesthetic. With its clean lines and practical design, it's not hard to see why the style has made a resurgence, but according to the shopping trends of professional designers, the style tides could soon be changing.

At Business of Home's 2019 Future of Home Conference, Anna Brockway, co-founder and president of Chairish, presented her trend predictions for Fall 2019. Using data that analyzed the buying trends of trade pros on, an online source for furniture, décor, and art, the company identified some styles that are on the rise. And if professional designers are shopping these styles now, it's only a matter of time before they start showing up in homes across the country. One key takeaway: traditional style may be giving MCM some serious competition. Here are the five rising trends of the home design world right now.

Traditional Style

A departure from mid-century modern style, Chairish found that interior designers are beginning to buy more traditional furniture and decor. As opposed to the clean lines of MCM, neoclassical accents, symmetry, and softer color palettes are making a comeback. While Brockway noted that MCM won't go away anytime soon, traditional decor is definitely giving it some competition.

Pop Art

In contrast to the subdued hues of traditional decor, bright and punchy Pop Art is also a favorite among designers right now. "Pop Art’s bright, ironic commentary and playful take on commercial imagery has never felt more relevant," Brockway explains. Time to pull out those Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein prints!

Trims and Fringe

Minimalism had its moment, but embellishments and decorative details are starting to trend again. In the months to come, keep an eye out for fringed ottomans and upholstered benches with decorative trim.

Golden Yellow

In terms of trending colors for Fall 2019, golden shades of yellow and ochre are having their moment in the sun. You don't have to paint an entire wall to get the look—try introducing small splashes of the hue with throw pillow covers and art.


The other hue designers are shopping right now? Paprika, a rich rust-colored shade of orange. It's showing up in rugs, pillows, and other textiles around the house. With bold colors taking the lead this fall, neutral palettes could be on their way out.


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