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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Are these seven design trends, already heating up 2019, here to stay? Pictured are two of the "Colors of the Year" - Benjamin Moore's 2019 Metropolitan AF-690 and Pantone Color's Living Coral.

The trends:

  1. Softer White Wall Paint Colors - moving away from cold whites towards a more luminous warm white

  2. Wood Finishes - wellness and a connection to nature are a huge trend, so we are seeing a movement away from a laboratory feel towards a warm, natural feel perfect for wood and stone

  3. Pewter and Gunmetal Hardware - fits into the "Gray" 2019 theme

  4. Colored Kitchen Cabinetry - moving away from the sterile feel of white cabinets towards a statement maker like black or gray blue. Green is also a popular choice.

  5. Open Shelving - for upper kitchen cabinets, another statement maker. A great way to display your special, unique pieces.

  6. Exposed Shower Plumbing - this trend can lean towards rugged or industrial depending on the hardware finishes. Think copper for rugged while shiny chrome offers a more industrial feel.

  7. Porcelain Tile Mimics - less expensive and easier to install is a trend I can definitely get behind. Technology once again helps the construction industry with new advanced printing and improved materials which create an identical replacement.